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Polaroids and their films

Girls love Pola's and I've sold a few over the past months. So I decided for the first time in my life to do the press-click-whirr routine (I've used peel apart about a hundred years ago for quick catalogue shots). 

Unfortunately that Impossible Project SX-70 Cold Tone Monochrome pack I bought (claimed New by seller) was impossibly weird. The middle third (vertical strip) was nice and cool but the thirds on either side were distincly brown. Worst rule of thirds I've seen! Dud film?! The 600 model that showed up gave me a chance to try colour for free but the film in it must have been waaaaay too old - dull and yellow orange. Ah well, at least I was able to check for function and focus!

SX-70 Sonar with working (!) auto focus on offer soon, with new leathers and tripod adapter.. One Step Express (600) too (built in flash) available now. SX-70 close-up set also available.

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