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During the refit of the shop - as we expanded into the back section - I did one of those REALLY dumb things. Having finished painting the floor and rushing to get away, I decided to step over instead of going around, slipped on wet floor paint and crash. Pulled a hammie, wrenched a knee and rolled in paint. The next day, after tidying up, I discovered that the other knee had been hard hit too when the quads went out in sympathy. Dumped me on the front path outside my house in the rain. It took four paramedics to extract me up the gravel pathway at home (I live in the forest) and a week in hospital to get barely mobile again. Consequently, I'm not too quick off the mark at the moment and because of the refit, a lot of my stock is stored away - everything has been delayed by at least a month. So if you ask a question at the moment, you may get a response like - "I've got one somewhere but it's in a box and I'm not sure where." Forgive me - I'm getting better but taking it very easy! 

To compound the horror, my wife took carer's leave off work to help me at home and then came down with a nasty cold and refused to get out of bed. Then she gave me the cold and so I spent two weeks feeling lousy and sounding like a set of disappointed bagpipes. Always happy to share, I then passed the cold on to my friend Ken who had come into the shop to help out and so everything ground to a halt. No good deed goes unpunished.

Ironically, I skidded while setting up a safety barrier. Bugger. And I sometimes wonder if those wet floor signs they put up in supermarkets are more of a safety trip hazard than the wet floor itself?

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