Library revisited

I now know why librarians are grumpy! People go into the reading room, leaf through books and just dump them anywhere. There's no respect for the books and I have to tidy up every second day. Some have been damaged slightly and a couple stolen (nude books of course). The mess is incredible. Sigh. I wonder why.



I've finally got the 'reading room' organised. It's not large - basically a nook with room for me but it's a nice place to sit and leaf through photo magazines from the last sixty years, including recent stuff.

Strangely, the basics haven't changed much and you can mine ideas from features in old film dedicated mags, even if you are digitally inclined. After all, most of the cute features in your new digi-SLR are designed to mimic what people used to do in film.

There's also a range of 'how to' books - yes, chapters on film development are outdated but the sections on such things as composition, subject matter and so on never change! Most of the new and expensive books are merely updates on the old ones, as are most articles in next months magazine! (I know - I used to write for the Mags!)

Finally, there are some high grade monographs from famous and not so famous photogs. I grab as many as I can, where I can. 

It's about ideas and history - you'll never be a good photography if you don't know what and where images came from and are going next. I can't make you a coffee but we can get one brought in. Get in there, kick back and recharge your creative batteries!


First Anniversary

The 1st November marked a year since I took over the business and things seem to be on track. It's looking different, the business has been grown, stock is way up and so on. Of course, I'm not making a living from it yet but I've not gone broke either.

It's been a tough year in many ways. Learing how to trade as well as all about wooden cameras and so on. Getting online sales organised. Learning what sells and what doesn't. Not easy. And then my health hasn't been the best - time out for back surgery. But, still standing!

The second year is dedicated to the new projects - photobooth, photo art gallery, copying and resoration services and so on. Once those are in place, it'll be time to make some decisions about how much I want to grow the business! 

Thanks to the regulars who drop by evry month opr two and support my efforts with the occasional purchase. Can't do it without you guys.


Box Hill Show - March 15th 2015

I don't know about the rest of you but I was fairly busy. The big sellers for me were coloured Olympus Trips and odd collectibles of moderate value. I was there to promote the new business and find good stock rather than sell, sell, sell but I did manage to lose my voice by lunchtime! 

I did make one decision - I had intended to attend the show and close the store just on this one occasion but I concluded that it makes sense to be there for all future shows. My best customers are all there anyway! Again, thanks to Andy K for finding me some good stuff - and to the puzzled looking gentleman who approached and asked if I'd like to buy a plastic 35mm compact (new in box). Belonged to his father (deceased). Er no. How about some other stuff in the car? - there's a Hasselblad in there. Er YES! 


AAPE - Feb. 2015

It's been a long haul since November but the Emporium is finally beginning to look the part. I might even get around to vaccuuming the place out this weekend, if customers will stop interrupting! It wouldn't have been possible without Andy K. finding some great stuff recently and volunteer labour from Ken and David Miller - could have got it together without them. The shelves are almost full, the big camera is swinging and the Instamatics are in numerical order!

Coming up soon will be a bunch of wood and brass cameras; some rather special lenses; coloured Olympus Trips, Spoptmatics and Ricoh 500's; even a few digitals. Get in quick before I get the ebay business going! Some items will have a limited local market so the policy with certain special things will be to put them on the shelf in Tyabb for a month or two and then move them online where the market is bigger.

Meanwhile I've got four tubs of filters, junk bins of dead cameras and sad lenses for tinkerers and lots of other rummaging stuff. Slide projectors have been popular lately (much to my surprise) - people want to have slide shows with old family slides - it's actually interesting forty years later!