AAPE - Feb. 2015
Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 9:36 PM
Andrew Fildes

It's been a long haul since November but the Emporium is finally beginning to look the part. I might even get around to vaccuuming the place out this weekend, if customers will stop interrupting! It wouldn't have been possible without Andy K. finding some great stuff recently and volunteer labour from Ken and David Miller - could have got it together without them. The shelves are almost full, the big camera is swinging and the Instamatics are in numerical order!

Coming up soon will be a bunch of wood and brass cameras; some rather special lenses; coloured Olympus Trips, Spoptmatics and Ricoh 500's; even a few digitals. Get in quick before I get the ebay business going! Some items will have a limited local market so the policy with certain special things will be to put them on the shelf in Tyabb for a month or two and then move them online where the market is bigger.

Meanwhile I've got four tubs of filters, junk bins of dead cameras and sad lenses for tinkerers and lots of other rummaging stuff. Slide projectors have been popular lately (much to my surprise) - people want to have slide shows with old family slides - it's actually interesting forty years later!

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