New collections

Just in - a couple of interesting collections. One very large acquistion from a Victorian collector/photographer which included some remarkably rare items. A Robot 375 for instance - there are probably only 10-15 survivors of this Luftwaffe Stuka dive bomber recording camera and this one, probably war salvage, was fitted with a unique, modfied Ross lens. It's gone off to Germany for a mechanical restoration (the core of it is a standard Robot II) and then off to auction in the UK so if you're interested and have a spare few thousand dollars, let me know quickly! Also a funny little wooden Butcher Royal Mail novelty stamp camera which shot 15 images on 1/4 plate - originally you bought pre-perforated pinting paper and contacted printed your own stamps. Great stuff!

The second collection is from a good friend who is rolling over his stuff, culling the herd, and we're drip feeding box loads of books and speciality items into the store over the coming months. The first batches included some very nice photo monographs from significant artists and a nifty collection of spy and miniature cameras which will make a cute and compact display withing the next fortnight. Minox, Microma, Whittaker and others in 16mm or smaller film formats. Don't miss this - everyone loves a spy camera!


New Stuff for the Holiday Season

Just in - the good stuff and the rare stuff!

Leica IIIg in VERY nice condition, with or without a good Summicron or Summarit 5cm f2.

Century Petite - exquisite little American red bellows quarter plate - original version, 1902

Rollei 35 SE - black, Singapore, Sonnar, super.

Leica M3 in top condition and serviced - slight baseplate marks, otherwise...awesome.

35mm and 50mm f1.4 Summilux M black lenses (1970's) - excellent. With hoods, one with filter.

Collapsible screw mount Summicron and Type 2 Summitar lenses.

65mm Elmar Macro (Visoflex head) with focussing unit and Sony E-mount adaptor.

Extremely rare Zeiss Sonnar f1.5 in Leica screw mount - genuine. (Wartime special). Shoot Zeiss glass on a Leica!

Nikon 8.5cm f2, chrome,  in Contax mount with hood.Contax to Sony E mount adapter available.

Original interchangeable lens Fujica 6x9 rangefinder with standard and 65mm wide lenses. 

Rolleiflex and Rolleicord.

...and ohsomuch more!

Range of beautiful half plate wood and brass cameras around 100 years old - Thornton Pickard, Harringtons, etc. all refurbished, serviced, cleaned and working. Great Christmas pressies for yourself or a very lucky other. Lots of folders as well, some usable.

Large batch of school gear just acquired - basic Pentax and Minolta SLR's, darkroom gear, Ilford Multigrade paper unopened packs up to 30x40", barely expired 120 and 35mm B&W film, 




My annual surgicial vacation

Thanks to all those who asked after my health. A better result this time so I'm merely damaged, not devastated. Back to normal. 

Last year's back operation didn't work so well (bugger) so I'm off for another try. I'll be closed from the week starting Sept 12th for about a month. Ouch

This means that you can still buy stuff from the front counter staff - they have my keys and I'm making sure that all items are price marked - but I won't be there to offer advice and dig out that rare lens cap from the bottom of a bucket somewhere. If you are desperate, call me on 04 04 33 00 75 and I'll be happy to help by remote, so long as the drugs have worn off!

My good friend Ken has offered to help as well so if you have a serious request/problem/ need, He may be able to drop in and help out.



Christmas? Bah, humbug!

Need a pressie or looking to treat yourself in the new year? Good stock of colour leather Olympus Trips ($100-150) and Spotmatics ($175-275) - all refurbished and guaranteed and absolutely stunning. Yellow and red and blue and white and brown croc - even pink! Or perhaps an old folder as an ornament for the photog in your life? And bags of student cameras for the New Year film courses - $75-$300+ and yes, even a few K1000's! How about an old hand held stereoscopic viewer with a few stereo photos? Victorian wooden types and commercial pix from pre-Revolutionary Russia and more, all around the world. About $150 for a viewer and half a dozen good images. Extra images from $5 to $20 each, depending on rarity and quality.

Also a massive range of photobooks - coffee table type, monographs from the greats and so on.

Just Back from the Clinic -

Back from a clean-up and check, shutter replacement and whatever...a rare Leotax S  Japanese Leica copy, Only 6-700 ever made we think (according to the books - transition model); one of the rarest of the 20 or so Leotax models. It's like a type D1V but with twin flash PC sockets on the front. Very nice condition with the 5cm f3.5 collapsible Simlar (Topcon Elmar copy). A real find! Given that it is a rare one and has had a full rebuild, I'm looking for around $900 (USD $700 or so, £450)

Also a truly mint Voigtlander Vitessa - the one with the front doors and the big plunger. This one is in the case, in the blue velvet box (near mint) and with all the papers - inspection certificate, manuals, tips booklet and even the trangular swing tag! Metered version, Skopar lens. Collectible condition. Shutter serviced, meter responsive but not guaranteed to be accurate. Offers around $400 for this treasure.

Then there is the collectible Simmons Bros. Omega 120, rareish 6x7 press camera and a remarkable looking beast. Plus the auto-rotating flash gun and other accessories in a superb custom fitted streamline styler Halliburton case. A user and a real eye-catcher, serviced and rangefinder adjusted. Around $700. There is also a display only example for a couple of hundred - more if I can get the shutter to cock properly.

Lots of Medium Format!

 Lots of Bronica ETRS bodies and lenses - motors, advance grips, prisms, etc.

On the store shelf...Hasselblad 150mm and 50mm chrome lenses, spare back. Excellent (minty) Leica 3f Black Dial Self Timer with superb Summitar lens (the best one). Leica M4, user grade, serviced, with green Goatskin cover. Lots of Olympus PEN F and FT gear, bodies and lenses. Ricoh Diacord twin lens reflex. Pentax LX with prism and waist level finders - mint condition. Canon original 5D - digital full frame on the cheap!

Antiques -

Steward 'Lord Bury' Telescope with tripod mount and wooden tripod. Leather covered four draw brass 1.5". With original caps and in fine condition. Engraved 'Royal Military College' (Sandhurst) 'Signalling Prize  July 1913 Gentleman Cadet  C.H. Law'.  A lovely piece with an interesting history.

'Nacresope' - pearl grader's device (mahogany and steel) in working condition. Made in London and used in Broome. Used to asses the quality and condition of pearls (Nacre is the semi-transluscent coating on pearls) by firing a light up through them. Complete with size masks, blue and clear magifying viewrs and fully rewired for safe use.

Thorton Pickard Imperial, Monroe Type 7 (1896) and Premo wooden cameras in fine operational and decorative condition.

Still available

Century Graphic 6x9" Press camera - press' little brother with Graphlex 2x3 120 rollfilm back. Very nice condition, fully operational.

One Yashica FX-3 and One FX-3 Super. So what? But these are the super rare Police Half Frame versions - factory mods. One speed and no meter (for use with flash only). Extremely unusual - one for the SLR collector. Both working.

Leica Binocular (stereo) Microscope - relatively modern user, ideal for the biologist, gemologist, philatelist and perhaps a few other ists. Lovely, clear 3D image. Big Nikon binocular microscope with power source.

Coming up -  Pen FT bodies with 38mm, 42mm, 20mm and 150mm lenses. Lots of binoculars from 20-120 years old. Good users (Zenit and Pentax) and brass ornamaents (military, early straight through and opera glasses). Rolleicord Va uswer grade. 


New Stock - Feb. 2015

Pentax K - original screw mount  K (3rd Pentax) in RARE black finish with two original leses - 50mm and 35mm. With case and accessories. Very nice condition - some brassing to edges of prism.Just serviced and calibrated. SOLD

Rolleiflex Automat 1950 - one owner since new! Just serviced all as it should be. Optically clean - some marks of careful, regular use on body but looks good. With fair case, lens cap, filter. SOLD