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New collections

Just in - a couple of interesting collections. One very large acquistion from a Victorian collector/photographer which included some remarkably rare items. A Robot 375 for instance - there are probably only 10-15 survivors of this Luftwaffe Stuka dive bomber recording camera and this one, probably war salvage, was fitted with a unique, modfied Ross lens. It's gone off to Germany for a mechanical restoration (the core of it is a standard Robot II) and then off to auction in the UK so if you're interested and have a spare few thousand dollars, let me know quickly! Also a funny little wooden Butcher Royal Mail novelty stamp camera which shot 15 images on 1/4 plate - originally you bought pre-perforated pinting paper and contacted printed your own stamps. Great stuff!

The second collection is from a good friend who is rolling over his stuff, culling the herd, and we're drip feeding box loads of books and speciality items into the store over the coming months. The first batches included some very nice photo monographs from significant artists and a nifty collection of spy and miniature cameras which will make a cute and compact display withing the next fortnight. Minox, Microma, Whittaker and others in 16mm or smaller film formats. Don't miss this - everyone loves a spy camera!

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