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Canon, Nikon lenses - for digital and Olympus mFT kits

Stop Press - just in - Canon EF 100-400mm L, 16-35mm f2.8L, a couple of 28-135's and (fanfare) a 400mm f2.8 L II IS. Current model. In it's own case which has cup holders! (No, they're compartments for the Extenders, 1.4 and 2x) With soft lens cap and third party hood. One careful owner - yes really - it was used in a fixed rig for aerial recording of power lines. Mechanically, electronically and optically great but slightly marked up body - I'm looking for $5.5K. You'll not see many of these offered second hand except for retired, beaten up ex-sports rentals.

Also some Nikon - 24-120mm 17-85 DX, SB-28 with cable.

And my personal Olympus mFT outfit - doesn't get enough use now so...   Olympus Digital Pen F body. OMD EM5 with power zoom. 25mm Leica Panasonic. . 45mm 1.8. Panasonic 8mm Fisheye. 9mm Body Cap f8. And my favorite - 75mm 1.8 (stellar).

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