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Onward and upward

The total reorganisation of the shop is almost complete - just a bit of tidying to do and new stock to get out on display. The old centre display unit has gone so the romm is now opened up - it's been reborn as a mini-studio at the rear, suitable for product and portrait work. And under my old working name of 'Storehouse Studio'. It's available for customer use - continuous and flash gear available - come in and discuss your needs.

Interesting stock on hand. Have you ever seen a 'new' Leica M3? I have. Imagine a double stroke 1958 example, one of the first batch with the new shutter speeds, that for a strange combination of reasons was never used and ended up in a collection. It may have had a test film through it. It feels new, evvrything just a little tight and without a mark. In the red velvet box with all the papers and the leather case (which has one tiny dint). Amazing! I want a serious premium for this unique find so think low 3K area. That includes the 5cm f3.5 Elmar - shame the original buyer skimped on the lens but it's equally pristine.

Now that the studio is ready to go, I'm planning to set up a YouTube channel with a series of instructional videos on using film cameras and supported by short films about individual cameras or lines of cameras. I'm so tired of seeing dreadful online vids with meandering, unscripted, high volume blowhards offering two minutes of unreliable information embedded in a tem minute ramble - no cuts, no cutaways, no product shots, etc. They've spent too much time watching the Shopping Channel! I used to teach media studies so I want to do it right, not easy, so it may take a while. Standby for more details and if you want to get involved, drop by and talk - coffee is on me.

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