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I've finally got the mini-Studio in working order. I set this up as an echo of my old Storehouse Studio in Belgrave and while it's small. i has the capability to do product shots, portraiture and the like. It's also convenient. It's also available for hire, comnplee with lighting and a choice of digital cameras. And advice - assistance.

I also plan to start a series of YouTube videos on analog photography, focussing on technique and individual cameras that pass through my hands - writing the collectors books on the SLR, TLR and Half-Frame has given me the background and I used to be a Media Studies teacher so I should be able to produce decent vids rather than the boring, rambling unscripted b;later I see on YouTube every time I try to research a camera! Imagine, actual cutraways and product shots, voiceovers and the like! :-)

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