storeHouse studio


You do what?

Want a nice photo of your house, your kids, your pet, your wedding?  We can do them and do them well, but it's not really our thing! If your house is strange, your kids evil, your wardrobe bizarre, your pet a ferret, rat or crocodile and your wedding a relaxed second marriage or a Goth event, that's much more our style. We're not your average storefront photo studio. 

So you're the kind of person who wants something different. A portrait of how you really feel – angry, desperate, dangerous, sexy? A shot of the new tattoo on your bum or on the back of your head; your latest piercing; you and/or your friends bound up in ropes and chains; dressing up and getting theatrical; a cheeky nude or semi-nude; something a bit weird and deviant? A shot that you’ll never, ever show your mum and that may really bother your kids when they grow up? We’ll do that and do it in a friendly, secure and fun environment.

Want a model portfolio that shows a range of looks and styles - and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or come as part of a model 'school' scam? No problem - we do that and give you some realistic advice as well.

How about quality images for a dating site instead of snapshots - naughty or nice? The better you look, the more contacts you'll get. Not many people do that here but in the USA, it's standard to get them done professionally.

We offer low cost packages for both modelling and social networking images which include a shoot with an imaginative, experienced pro  photographer and basic Photoshopping to your taste - for as little as $99! No catches, no upselling.

Oh and let’s not be shy about this – if you want to do it in front of a camera and it’s interesting and, er, legal, we’ll press the trigger for you. Just ask – we’ve heard it all. And if you aren’t quite that brave but want to fake it a bit, well, this is photography – it isn’t real, OK?!  

‘Stealing Souls’ is based in the storeHouse studio in the main street of Belgrave, one of Melbourne’s most interesting suburbs. Full of cafes, trains and odd characters. If that seems like a fair distance away then ask yourself, do you want to go through the same old routine at the flashy shopping centre studio - that is, hand over a significant amount of cash to sit in the same set-up as the last customer and get the same dull photos as everyone else?

No, you did that at school! If you want something different, it’s worth the trip. Make a day of it. Or a night. We work a 24 hour day.